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Tractor head (12)
Trucks (10)
Semi-trailers (19)
Van (3)
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Construccion trucks (2)
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"In Autocamion Gil we are making constant progress with regard to the process of improving our services, always seeking innovative solutions and client satisfaction."

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"Our company is dedicated to the sale of heavy vehicles since 1.956.

We offer an ample range of heavy vehicles (tractor heads, cranes trucks, containers trucks, tractor heads for especial transports, .) and in the last few years we have expanded our offer of products to include extendable semi trailers for special transport working with the Es-Ge brand mark as representatives for Spain and for the Portuguese Galtrailer in our area.

The main differentiating feature of our company is the profound knowledge of the market which allows us to assess the client in the solution of his needs."
REF: 1053 - VOLVO   FH 460 4x2
REF: 1052 - MAN   TGX 41.640 8x4 BBS XXL
REF: 1015 - MAN   41.403 VFC
Date of first registration:27/06/1997

Tel. + 34 976 786 303